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Chipping Sodbury Motor Company

The brief for this rebuild was comprehensive by many standards, with the customer having a clear idea of the direction they wanted to take their brand. They included examples of sites they liked, and helpfully, ones they didn't, so I could get a clear idea of their tastes. I was pleased to see they also weren't fans of text overlaying busy images which many people rave about currently.

The website was to appeal broadly: From young, first time buyers, right through to older drivers. What appeared to be required here was clarity with vibrance, so I began with creating a chunky UI, defined with underlines so buttons appeared to 'stick out' from the page. For the colour palette, I started by using the Fiat red and the Ford blue, adding further colours to these for the group portion of the site.

Homepage on a monitor

The customer had been very specific on the placing of elements for the homepage, so there wasn’t a great deal of room for creativity here. They were big fans of Fiat Parkside’s large navigational buttons (on their old site, not the featured redesign), so these were incorporated. I tried to alternate the rows on the page between full screen and within the grid to maintain interest as the user scrolled down. The requested navigation buttons helped with this. Click/tap screen above to view the full homepage.

I used the varied colour palette to break up the vehicle search form, drawing attention to the finance features and making it more digestible. The testimonials carousel was a 3rd party plug-in and had limited customisation options.

"The website must be flexible to all walks of people but having said that they are unlikely to get many city high flying corporate business customers like for example a Mercedes dealer on the outskirts/entrance to London would have, so not much ‘swank’."

Vehicles on CSMC colour palette

Below: Similar to the testimonial carousel on the homepage, the finance table on the vehicle results was 3rd party and could only have amendments made to colour. The structure was not responsive either and had to be simply hidden for smaller devices. Please click/tap the screens for a full screen previews of the results and details pages.

Vehicle search results page
Vehicle details page

Having incorporated brand colours into the initial colour palette meant pages within each manufacturer didn’t look too disjointed from the group website theming. The bold, dark paragraph text styling, along with larger line height for optimal legibility, was carried across the entire site. Brand guidelines for each manufacturer varied in strictness, but Ford's were exceptionally stringent, so striking a balance between CSMC’s branding and theirs was a difficult balancing act.

Below is an example page within a manufacturer, featuring all the possible page componentry for the developer to reference. Again, click/tap on this for a full page preview.